MJ Logic Design
About Us

Our career paths are remarkably similar.  We both graduated from the
University of California at Davis with a BSEE in 1985/1990 (Mike/John), and
from Stanford University with an MSEE in 1987/1992. After graduate school, we
both worked at Sandia National Labs (in Livermore, CA) for approximately five
years, a portion of which we spent working together in the telemetry group
supporting weapon development.  Our time at Sandia is where we learned
many of the basic principles that guide our efforts today – proper planning,
effective documentation, attention to detail, and an overall desire to “get it right
the first time”.  

Mike left Sandia in 1993 and soon entered the world of consulting, and John
joined him a few years later.  We worked throughout the 1990’s as part of a
larger consulting group, and then worked from 2000-2002 as start-up co-
founders and lead design engineers.  After leaving the start-up, we went back
into consulting as partners and continue to work in that role today.

Consulting gives us the opportunity to do what we love – to implement creative
solutions that solve challenging problems.  As consultants, we get constant
exposure to some of the brightest minds and exciting new technologies in the
Silicon Valley.  We learn as much as we can from each job so that we can
provide the highest quality service to each and every client.