MJ Logic Design
ASIC/FPGA Design & Verification Services

We are John Nash and Mike Stewart, the principals of MJ Logic Design, and
are offering our services as ASIC/FPGA design & verification consultants.  We
have been delivering original, innovative, high-performance, and robust
ASIC/FPGA-based solutions in start-up environments since 1994,
encompassing 16 ASICs and 14 FPGAs, and we have excellent references.

Our Strengths

We Are Very Experienced:  We have worked together for 15 years and have a
combined 35 years of experience working as design engineers for leading
high-tech companies, both as employees and consultants.  As design
consultants, we have successfully delivered designs for a variety of
applications, including:
  • Storage processors
  • Software-configurable processors
  • Networking platforms
  • Graphics accelerators

We Solve Complex Problems:  We have a wealth of experience architecting,  
implementing, and verifying both SOC and networking products.  For SOC
ASICs, we have worked extensively both developing original blocks as well as
working with third-party cores to implement large sub-systems and processor
complexes that include functions such as:
  • DMAs, Arbiters, and Bridges
  • FC/Ethernet MACs
  • Micro-coded engines
  • External bus interfaces (e.g. PCI/PCI-X/PCIe, SPI-4, POS-PHY)
  • Memory interfaces (e.g. DDR/DDR2 SDRAM, DDR SRAM, Serial Flash)
  • Internal bus-specific building blocks (e.g. AHB, AXI, BVCI, PLB, OPB)
  • Audio/video interfaces (e.g. IxS, MPEG2, BT656)

For networking ASICs, our focus has been in developing original blocks to
implement the following functions:  
  • Packet Processing (Layers 2-4: Ethernet, IP, TCP)
  • Traffic Management (queuing, scheduling, shaping)

We support our designs from concept (proposal, specification) to
implementation (RTL, unit/chip-level verification) to tapeout (synthesis, timing
closure ≤350 MHz).  Please see our
projects page for more details.

We Deliver Quality:  Quite simply, our designs work – our customers have
shipped first silicon every time.  We take a structured approach to our designs
so that they are easier to document, debug, and modify/maintain.  We also
take a high-level approach to verification, following the
generator/scoreboard/checker and constrained-random test methodologies
for both our unit- and chip-level regression environments.  The result is that
we deliver designs that integrate into chip-level environments and meet sign-
off requirements with minimal debug.

We Are Easy To Work With:  We understand that our continued success as
consultants is dependent upon our ability to satisfy our customers.  We have
excellent communication skills and work hard to maintain effective working
relationships at all levels within our customer’s organization.  We are also
committed to keeping our clients apprised of all relevant status, issues, and

Bottom Line

We are an experienced, creative, two-person design and verification team with
a strong customer focus.  We have delivered on every project we have
undertaken and have made our customers very happy.  We do not hire junior
engineers – thus, you can be assured that
our strengths are built into every
line of code we produce
  • Cable modems
  • Digital video servers
  • Ethernet/AV bridges