MJ Logic Design
Client Testimonials

Mike and John were responsible for the design and verification of a number
of major blocks in our software-configurable SOC ASICs, spanning several
chip generations over a 2.5 year consulting engagement. They participated in
all phases, including early architectural brainstorming, detailed design
specification generation, RTL implementation and verification, and final timing
closure. They had complete ownership for their blocks, excepting independent
verification and physical design.

Mike and John worked well as a team and delivered great results. They have
many years of experience producing solutions together which helps make
them a formidable, productive force. Like the old adage, "the whole is greater
than the sum of the parts", their experience with bouncing ideas/problems off
each other produces better results than could be produced individually.

While they worked well together, they also worked very well with our in-house
team and understood how to deal with the inevitable clashes and nuances of
long, deep customer engagements. Always professional, helpful, and clear in
their communication, it was a pleasure to work with them.

Their excellent customer and technical skills put them at the top of my list
when additional front-end engineering expertise is needed
Wayne P. Heideman, Vice President of Engineering, Stretch Inc.

John Nash and Mike Stewart consulted at Aarohi Communications (and
through the time when Aarohi was acquired by Emulex) on two projects. One
was a Storage Processor with Fibre Channel and SPI-4 interfaces (in 0.13
TSMC) and the other one was a follow on chip with Ethernet, PCIe 2.0 and
Fibre Channel interfaces (also in 0.13u TSMC). In both of these projects, John
and Mike were involved in several critical blocks and took these blocks from
specification to design documentation and implementation, through
verification, timing closure and tapeout. Both of these chips came back and
worked successfully the first time, and subsequently went into production. In
the 2nd project, John and Mike worked quite successfully with a verification
team that was based in India and managed that process very well by working
across time zones and clearly documenting the design and following up with
bugs filed in Bugzilla. I would not hesitate to work with them again in the
Mukund Chavan, Vice President of Technology, Emulex Inc.